About YERA

The Youths Emancipation and Resource Agency (YERA) is an NGO conceived by Rev. Sunday Awe (National Director) in 1993, following a disturbing youth development news in Ibadan environs. The outreach started off as, Youth Development and Resource Centre (Y.D.R.C.) in 1994, but was renamed at the instance of Oyo state Government in the course of our registration with the state government.

YERA has helped to take youths off the street ,by getting them trained in one vocation or another and sponsoring their education further with very good results using our limited resources. YERA have also been engaging other stakeholders in the youths development efforts namely; the schools, teachers and the parents,  through our various programs which includes community outreaches, Special seminars and talks in  campuses.

The agency strategically approaches the youth issue from two angles;

  1. Out-reaches directed toward students in various schools particularly, the secondary schools.
  2. Empowerment of those who are out of schools and those in school with entrepreneurial tendencies through vocational and entrepreneurship trainings, social and mental orientations for fruitful living.


  • To reach out to youths at the various levels of learning using every available, but inspired means and methods. This Vision is to impact youths, in and out of the school environment in order to recover, reposition, refocus and empower them so as to help them escape the increasing snares of delinquency that abound in our society and help them attain a meaningful life in the long run.
  • To mobilize Teachers, parents, youth workers, religious leaders and other concerned individuals towards aggressive and systematic redemptive orientation and rehabilitation of our youths.


  • Total redemption, Intellectual development and Skill building of the young ones.


In order to fulfill our objectives and goals, we carry out the following activities;

  • Organize seminars for students, teachers and communities on such subjects as academic excellence and social vices such as rape, abortion, cultism, crimes, and drug abuse. Seminars are also organized for parents, guardians and community leaders on their roles and responsibility in the development of their young ones.
  • Counseling sessions on career, social and moral issues. These sessions are mostly for students in school along with extra-mural classes at subsidized rates to compliment the students’ school work.
  • Provision of financial support to serious but indigent students in the course of their educational pursuits.
  • Carry out researches into youth activities and their observed leanings. This has helped enrich our understanding of the youths and improve the efficiency of our outreaches and offerings to them.
  • Writing and publishing of articles and books that provide information for an all-round development of the youths and how to help and guide them.
  • Organizing vocational trainings to empower them economically.
  • Reach out to young people in  our communities who are out of school and plan programs that can make them useful citizens of the society.


  1. Intra and Inter State Programs on Youth Developments
  2. Teachers’ Congresses in Ogun and Oyo state since 2014
  3. Students’ Congress in Oyo state since 2014
  4. Special Community Youth Outreach Programs in Oyo States.
  5. Career Counseling & Success Seminars in Schools, Conferences and Communities since 1994
  6. Vocational Seminars and Trainings for unemployed youths since 2009