Endonamoo Transformation Global Initiative (ETGIN)


We envision a world where people are empowered to make an  informed decision which affect their lives positively, emancipated from spiritual, social, economic, physical and psychological  restrictions thereby ensuring  transformation for a better living in the society.


To empower the Youth with self-sustaining quality education and out of school soft skill

To empower widows, orphans, poor, aged with resources

To empower women and vulnerable children

To empower the health of individuals and groups in the community

To empowering individual with disability requiring special care in the society.



Education & Technology: Our mandate is to bridge both digital and educational gap between the urban and rural children in the under-served communities in Nigeria and Africa alike. We provide Safe Spaces for youth in the digital space and economic space by empowering them with economically sensible skills

Human Health and Advocacy: Our mandate as a non-profit in Nigeria committed to improving the quality of life of underserved and vulnerable communities by promoting access to quality healthcare and harnessing community capacities for sustainable development.

Policy and Governance: We focus on bringing systemic, long-term reforms by working on public policy, governance and institutional frameworks of the nation. To achieve this goal, young minds across the nation are engaged in a wide spectrum of activities.


Our mission is to bridge the gap between to ‘have’ and the ‘have-not’ (s) and to make education available to the young people in the rural areas.


Tech Tutors: Trained underserved youth in 21 rural communities on ICT skills; We have mobilized more than 2000 units of exercise book, 100 school uniforms, 10,000 units of writing materials and 1200 packs of sanitary pads to facilitate equitable, quality and inclusive education for disadvantaged children in 21 low-income communities;

We have trained about 4500 disadvantaged secondary school students on creative writing skill using affordable and available modern technological gadgets; 4. Provided one-on-one mentorship, career guidance, and leadership exposure for about 700 selected fellows in low-income communities schools.

Real Leaders: Trained and created platform for about 235 youth that had served as encouragement for entrepreneurship culture, among the unemployed, underemployed and unemployable. We have also supported outstanding participant with startup grants, soft loans, and business consultancy services for running a business enterprise.

The Mentor: We have conducted our conference in 24 schools with average attendance of 350 participants and 4 general conference at several venues with the average of 700 participants. With The Mentor’s Conference we can boldly say we have reached well over 800,000 and we are still counting. Invite us and see how we do it

Tech Camp: Through Tech Camp we have been able to train 341 children/Youths from the rural areas in computer application, design and programming. The program is at its forth version during the 2018 summer holiday.

Community Health:



John Oluwafemi Olla