A One-Day Workshop on Fundraising Techniques

A One-Day Workshop on Fundraising Techniques.

This was organised for member organizations of CSACEFA Oyo State Chapter. It covered the following topics:
1. Various ways of raising funds for our works.
2. How to use social media to raise funds
3. Proposal writing and development
4. Proposal models using examples of winning proposals.
5. Components of Logic Frameworks using the Standard model, and the models of USAID, DFID and EU Commission
6. Issues and challenges around proposal writing.
12 member organizations with 2 representatives (members of staff) participated in the workshop, which was certificated.

The workshop is a part of Capacity Building/Development Strategy of CSACEFA Oyo State Chapter towards sustainability of the works of member organisations. It was supported by Educare Trust and Relevant Actions International.

The Ongoing Monitoring of FGN-Oyo State Government Home Grown Free Feeding in Public Primary Schools

The Ongoing Monitoring of FGN-Oyo State Government Home Grown Free Feeding in Public Primary Schools by the Civil Society Action Coalition on Education For All (CSACEFA) Oyo State Chapter.

Reports on the field works are coming in. We just received a report from Vital Empowerment Foundation, Ogbomoso South Local Government Area (Oyo North Senatorial District)

Note that CSACEFA Oyo State is on a FACT FINDING MONITORING PROJECT not on a FAULT FINDING PROJECT. Our findings and recommendations will be used for ADVOCACY with the relevant stakeholders on the Home Grown Free Feeding Programme with the objective of improving the programme



Members of the Civil Society Action Coalition on Education For All (CSACEFA) Oyo State Chapter are set to embark on a Monitoring and Evaluation Exercise on the 2013 & 2014 UBEC Intervention Funds in Oyo State.

The exercise will cover the three Senatorial Districts of Oyo State. We are not auditors but professional evaluators. Beaming our searchlight on the following will help us to find the funds in Oyo State:

1. Are the specifications of the line items in the two Action Plans being strictly followed? Are the contractors doing what they supposed to do? Are the projects actually located at the proposed locations?
2. The status of implementation of each project: Description of work done, quality of materials, workmanship,etc.
3. The level of completion: If the projects are in various stages of completion, what percentage of work done so far?
4. What particular Sustainable Development Goal(s) (SDGs) being achieved by each project?
5. Of what benefits are the projects to the communities, schools, pupils/students, teaching and non-teaching staff
6. Safety and ownership of the projects: Are the benefiting schools being carried along in the scheme of things? Are the projects driven by needs? What are the measures being put in place to safeguard the projects?
7. Challenges being encountered by the contractors and the benefiting schools in the process of executing the projects.

Folorunsho Moshood (MMP)
Coordinator, CSACEFA Oyo State Chapter

History of CSACEFA in brief

About the Coalition

Civil Society Action Coalition on Education for All (CSACEFA) is a Coalition of Civil Society Organization (CSOs) working on Education issues in Nigeria. The coalition was formed by 40 NGOs in the run-up to the World Education Summit in April 2000 in Dakar.

CSACEFA developed a core set of positions and attended the Dakar World Summit to join in the call for quality education for all from CSOs perspective. The Coalition has since expanded its membership to over Six   hundred (600) CSOs covering 36 States of Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and has been engaging, advocating and inputting to education policies and programmes at Local, National and International levels.